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Michael Smith: I am interviewing Professor Melissa Lizmi of Montgomery College about their sponsorship of CFUN-04. Why is Montgomery College interested in CFUN-04?

Melissa Lizmi: We want folks to consider Montgomery College (MC) for their training needs. MC offers high-quality, affordable ($333 per course for in- county students) education in Web programming, Web design, gaming and simulation, and database systems... just to name a few.

MS: What languages do you support?

ML: We offer classes in Flash, ASP .Net, XML, PHP/MySQL, DHTML and JavaScript, C-sharp, Java, C++, Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, and more. And, of course, we have two outstanding ColdFusion classes; intro and advanced. (I teach those:-))

MS: Are these all at the Rockville campus?

ML: No, MC classes are designed to be convenient. We have campuses in Rockville, Germantown, and Takoma Park and offer most of our classes on-line.

MS: Are the classes daytime or evening? Weekday or weekend?

ML: We have many evening and weekend classes and class durations range from 2 to 15 weeks.

MS: What is the favorite part of your job?

ML: Without a doubt it's being in the classroom teaching students. And by far my favorite subject to teach is CF! Students can do so much with CF in such a short period. They are always amazed and how much they can do by the end of the semester.

MS: What kind of people would I find in your classes?

ML: All kinds! That's one of MC's best qualities. MC students come in all different ages, races, and nationalities. The one generality I can say is evening and weekend students tend to be working professionals looking to upgrade their skills or change careers.

MS: Do MC classes count towards a degree?

ML: Absolutely. We have Web Programming, Web Design, and Web Technologies Associate degrees and certificates. We also have Gaming and Simulation, Database Systems, Oracle Developer, and Java Developer certificates... plus many, many more too numerous to list. Stop by our booth and check out our degrees and certificates. One may be just right to get your career started or move you up the ladder.

MS: That sounds interesting - I will come see you at CFUN-04.

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