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Michael Smith: I am talking with Jason Egan of CFDynamics about their sponsoring CFUN-04. Jason, what does CFDynamics do?

Jason Egan: CFDynamics offers first rate ColdFusion hosting for both shared and dedicated services. We have several account types supporting everything from the simple to ecommerce and corporate sites featuring content management with all the bells and whistles. We also offer .NET, ASP, MS SQL, MySQL, and soon PHP support as well. We are also a premier BlueDragon partner with New Atlanta and will have some great offerings on the BlueDragon platform once the final release of 6.1 is available.

MS: That is a lot of support. What is the hard thing for you supporting so many environments?

JE: Probably the most difficult thing we face (just like every one else in the IT industry) is the ever changing environment that we work in. Software changes fast enough, then multiply that times 5 or 6 platforms, 2 or 3 web servers, a few flavors of databases etc. The list goes on and on - and supporting these products could get pretty unruly at times.
What we do at CFDynamics to support such a variety of products is to have experts on staff, concentrate on core software, and spend a lot of time fine tuning our network so that it is always operating at peak performance. We typically do quite a bit of in-house training as well. Obviously our main focus is ColdFusion, but honestly, supporting a wide variety of services isn't an easy job. I'm sure most people would say the same - but I think we do a very good job at supporting a variety of platforms.

MS: What is the favorite part of your job?

JE: The favorite part of my job is working in such a fast paced environment - yeah, I know I just said that is probably the hardest part, but it is also the most exciting. Every day something new comes up - and you know the euphoria you feel when you write your first program that actually works? Well we can get that pretty much every day - just by helping others reach that same level. I've found great reward in helping others learn about ColdFusion, or how DNS works, hosting, and a ton of other things. Yeah, sure it gets a little monotonous some times, but when you're able to help someone overcome a hurdle it is a great feeling.
I'm sure many of the people that write for the CFDJ and get comments on what a wonderful article it was and how it helped complete a project feel much the same way. Same goes for those that post so much great information to the talk lists and write articles. I really enjoy helping others and just one a day is all it takes to turn a bad day into a GREAT day!

MS: How long has CFDynamics been is business and what changes have you seen over the years?

JE: We have been providing hosing services for over 9 years now - and a lot has changed during that time obviously. Eight to ten years ago it seemed that there was a huge difference in hosting customers - it wasn't as simple to create a good online presence as it is now. Don't get me wrong, the bar for quality has certainly been raised over the past years. There were a lot of 'big boys' but they had a TON of money to throw at doing business online - ma and pa shops were pretty much left out.
We started using ColdFusion not long after release 1. We had legacy products that were choking with all of our customer needs - we had to find a new solution fast! At the time our choices were very limited, thank goodness ColdFusion was one of them! We evaluated every product we could get our hands on but eventually chose ColdFusion and haven't looked back. We started hosting ColdFusion sites shortly after our internal products were re-written.
ColdFusion has changed quite a bit over the years - but nothing like MX! It was off to a rough start but was well worth the pain. Now we have two CFML vendors, Macromedia and New Atlanta; who would have ever imagined? We are a premier BlueDragon partner and excited to be working with New Atlanta and their BlueDragon product - now the future of CFML is truly limitless.

MS: Is there any special reason to visit your booth? Giveaways or help?

JE: Yeah, come by - we'll have t-shirts to give away - and there will be a few of our friendly staff there to help with any questions. We're also working on a desktop quick reference chart to give away. It will be packed with FAQ's for CFML, SQL, design tips, and a load of great references!

MS: That sounds great - I will look forward to seeing you at CFUN!

CFDynamics is a division of Konnections Inc. which began business in 1995 and has been providing quality hosting and reliable Internet services to customers around the world. We provide comprehensive services for all your internet needs giving your business the foundation it needs to be an online success!

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