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Michael Smith speaks with Margarita Rozenfeld about her CFUN session "Entrepreneur Coaching Clinic".

Michael Smith: Margarita, is this session just for business owners?

Margarita Rozenfeld: This session was designed to address unique challenges of entrepreneurs. In many cases entrepreneurs are business owners, but sometimes they're not (yet). I use the definition of an entrepreneur we apply at YES!Circle - an innovative, dynamic and creative person who is a business owner or aspires to be one.

MS: So that includes consultants, freelancers and managers too... What kind of problems will you help solve?

MR: We can tackle all types of entrepreneurial challenges -from getting organized, creating a business plan, finding good help, to marketing and finding clients. Participants will be able to benefit from each other's expertise, as well as mine, in a confidential, supportive environment.

MS: Sounds very interactive and motivational. How did you come up with this format?

MR: I learned that this format really works to help entrepreneurs voice and solve their challenges through the YES!Circle Peer Advisory Groups. Not only do participants benefit from my experience and expertise, there is plenty of room for peer coaching. There is always someone in the group who has a solution to the challenge. This is a great structure for helping entrepreneurs ask for and get what they need.

MS: Does this work exclusively in person?

MR: Not necessarily. Since most of my coaching is over the phone, I realized it would be a very useful structure for the YES!Circle Peer Advisory/Coaching Groups. Since we are getting members from all over the country, we are starting to plan "virtual" coaching forums.

MS: Sounds fantastic! If someone can't attend this session, how can they learn about these forums and other entrepreneurial resources?

MR: They are welcome to visit the YES!Circle website or contact me directly at 703-989-8016 or

MS: Can you tell me about your upcoming L.I.F.E. event on May 7th?

MR:Learning Immersion for Entrepreneurs, L.I.F.E. is an experiential learning event designed to give entrepreneurs the essential skills, tools and connections to succeed. Each workshop is focused on helping you develop your own marketing, branding and promotional expertise. We limit L.I.F.E to only 50 participants There is also a chance to win a "Marketing Makeover" for your business with our panel of branding gurus!

MS: Wow that sounds so cool I will go to that too! How do I sign up?

MR: At

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