CF Conf Central
September 18th - September 19th, 2004
Rockville, MD

Q & A

Attendee questions and Answers:

Q: Hello there. I'm an intermediate/senior CF & PHP developer in Ottawa, Canada. I am considering attending the upcoming Fusebox Conference in Rockville. I hope there is still space.

A: Yes there are a few spaces left.

Q: The topics look good, and I'm sure I'll learn a lot. However, I do not have any experience with FB4 yet. Lots of projects with FB3 (and earlier) but have not had the opportunity to implement the new framework. Can you tell me if there are any topics that may help me get up to speed? Obviously I'm interested to learn about 4.1 and Mach-II, but I want to make sure I don't get "leap- frogged".

A: We have a one day class on FB4 on the Friday prior to the conference for people new to FB4 - you might check that out.

Q: Also, is it useful to have a laptop for the conference? I don't own one but could borrow my wife's if need be.

A: If you want to take the hands on session by Jeff Peters Building your first FB 4 app then yes. You might find useful for other purposes but that is only time you would need one.

Q: I see that Jeff Peters session "Building your first FB application (Hands on)" is listed twice on Sunday. Are they the same session or a part 1 and part 2 like Hal's "Architecting FB" on Saturday?

A: They are part I and II. A hands on session needs to run for twice the time so that attendees can get help with their code if they get stuck... We will be making the class code available for attendees to download prior to the conference.

Q: Also, at the conference, will there be anyone talking about how to implement an Error/Exception Handling plug-in? If not, do you know of anything online that would help me create one.

A: There's a large section of the Discovering FB4 book devoted to plugins. At the conference I will be covering them in an Advanced Topic, after I introduce new features of FB4.1. There is some discussion of *FUSEBOX* error handling in the "what's new in FB4.1" part of my talk but not how to handle *DEVELOPER* exceptions. If you catch me off hours at the conference I will spend some time with you in private and cover how you might choose to handle errors/exceptions in your FB app. - John Quarto-vonTivadar

Q: Are there any prizes or show specials at the conference?

A: Yes we have prizes and specials from several sponsors:
* TeraTech
* Hal Helms
* Synthis
* Fusebuilder

If you have any questions, contact michael(at)teratech.com