CF Conf Central
September 18th - September 19th, 2004
Rockville, MD


John Paul Ashenfelter
John Paul Ashenfelter is CTO and Founder of TransitionPoint.com, where he builds web-based business applications for startups and small companies. He has built numerous Fusebox 3 and 4 applications that are in production for small compaies and educational institutions. He has written a number of online articles relating to web development abd databases as well as 5 books, including two on ColdFusion.

Barney Boisvert
Barney Boisvert is currently Senior Development Engineer, for AudienceCentral, Inc. a small Bellingham, WA company that provides a suite integrated web-based communication management tools for PR professionals and crisis responders. His ties to the Fusebox community are primarily through is outspoken opinions on the mailing lists, though he has made code contributions to the core file development as well. In his spare time, he dabbles in Java (including J2EE), rides a motorcycle, and is enjoying the experience of raising his 8 month old daughter.

Sandra Clark
Sandra Clark, an advanced Macromedia Certified ColdFusion developer, is a Senior Software Developer with the Constella Group in Bethesda, Maryland.

She has contributed material to the ColdFusion 5.0 Certified Developer Study Guide published by Syngress Media/Osborne McGraw Hill and to the ColdFusion Developers Journal. She has also spoken at various CFUGS and ColdFusion User Conferences around the country. Sandra is an active proponent of applying accepted and proven web standards to development as a way of improving accessibility as well as making life easier on developers. She can be reached at sclark@constellagroup.com

Sean Corfield
Sean Corfield is the Director of Architecture at Macromedia. After twenty years of developing both application and system software in a wide variety of languages, he is now very happy to be developing both application and system software in ColdFusion!

Ben Edwards
Ben Edwards is a Sun Certified Java Programmer and holds a degree in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He currently trains developers on software engineering practices focusing on Java, object-oriented programming, and software architectures. Ben is co-founder of the Mach-II project.

David Epler
As a Macromedia Certified Advanced ColdFusion MX Developer, David Epler comes to the Fusebox community with an extensive background building web based applications in the corporate world using ColdFusion, Perl and Java solely on Unix/Linux operating systems. Since discovering Fusebox 2 in 2000 co-workers have heard nothing but "Fusebox Fusebox Fusebox!"

During the Blue Dragon 6.1 beta, David focused on making sure FB4 would run on BD including writing detailed patches to fix issues. Currently David is running his own Lamda box, hosting his personal domain, www.dcepler.net.

David recently was part of the accessibility track at CFUN-04, held in Rockville, MD, speaking on "HTML Markup for Accessibility You Never Knew About."

Howard Fore
Howard Fore has been programming computers in various languages for the better part of the past twenty-five years, beginning with AppleSoft Basic. He has worked on a wide variety of projects from community association web sites to newspaper content management systems to desktop applications for Fortune 500 corporations.

Hal Helms
Hal Helms is a well-known speaker/writer/strategist on software development issues. Hal has a monthly column in "ColdFusion Developer's Journal" and has written and contributed to several books.

His latest book is "Discovering CFCs" available at techspedition.com. Hal holds training sessions on Java, ColdFusion, and software development processes. He is the author of the popular "Occasional Newsletter" series. For more information, contact him at hal@techspedition.com or see his website, halhelms.com.

Brian Kotek
Brian Kotek is an application architect and lead developer for INDUS corporation. He is currently based at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences - National Toxicology Program, in Research Triangle Park, NC. In addition to writing monthly articles at CNET Builder.com, he maintains a personal web site at www.briankotek.com, and contributes regularly to many mail lists and discussion forums. Brian holds certifications as a Microsoft Certified Professional, a Macromedia Certified ColdFusion developer, and is working on the certified Oracle PL/SQL developer track.

Matt Liotta
Matt Liotta started his development career at the age of twelve by building C applications for faculty at Emory University. He built his first web page soon after the release of Mosaic 1.0. Excited by early web applications, Matt saw the potential to replace legacy client server applications. At Emory University he built an enterprise calendaring system, the faculty poster project, a Y2K compliance tracking application, and a prototype for an electronic research administration system. Since then he worked with an early ASP, Cignify, to build their transaction processing system for payroll time data.

Matt did consulting around San Francisco for companies such as Williams Sonoma and Yipes Communications. Soon after, he built gMoney's Group Transaction System using an innovative XML messaging architecture that matches conceptually with the now popular web services paradigm. Later at TeamToolz, he designed a highly secure and scalable network architecture to support N-tier transport agnostic distributed applications. He then went on to implement a cutting-edge content management system for DevX. He is now President & CEO of Montara Software, which he founded recently.

Rey Muradaz
Rey Muradaz is still attempting to short-circuit the reincarnation process by living several lives in the same lifetime.
He has been, at various times and in no particular order, a dishwasher, a writer, a Wall St. analyst, a roast-beef-sandwich-maker, a workers' comp rep, a telemarketer (I was desperate), a legal advocate for Alzheimer's victims and their families, CTO of both a non-profit (still eking along) and a for-profit (sadly defunct) targeted at supporting senior citizens, and a proud husband and father.
He finally abandoned his efforts to whip a small cadre of City of Los Angeles contractors into the premier FB-coding team in the land (Fusebox Rules!), but he's turned the lessons learned into a useful presentation so your team can avoid making the same mistakes.
In his spare time (?), he keeps abreast of the ins and outs of intellectual property law, and crafts reasonably-priced, bullet-proof licenses and contracts for software developers.

Steve Nelson
Steve Nelson is the CTO of Zero-G Commerce, Inc. He has been a member of Team Allaire since '97, and is also the Chairman of the Fusebox Organization which has attempted to create a standard "Open CF application architecture".
Steve has recently created an almost complete testing tool for finding bugs in your ColdFusion applications. Be sure to ask him to buy you a beer and he'll tell you about the tool. Or buy him a beer and he'll answer any CF question you have.

Michael Smith
Michael Smith is President of TeraTech, a 14-year old Rockville, Maryland consulting company that specializes in web and database development. TeraTech has developed sophisticated data-driven web sites for a wide range of organizations, from corporations to government agencies. In addition to ColdFusion, the TeraTech staff also have extensive experience in SQL databases, ASP, HTML, Access, Foxpro, Visual Basic and more.Michael has been programming for over 20 years and has been coding in ColdFusion since version 1.5 six years ago. He has an MA and BA from Cambridge University, England and graduated in the top 10 of his year. Michael runs the Maryland ColdFusion User Group and organized three very successful CF events including CFUN-2k with 700 attendees. Michael volunteers at ByteBack, a non profit organization which provides computer training for unemployed and under-employed inner city residents. He also is a frequent contributor to Fusion Authority, the ColdFusion Developer Journal and the CPCUG monitor.

Jeff Peters
Jeff Peters is the author of ColdFusion Lists, Arrays & Structures, Fusebox 4 & FLiP: Master-Class ColdFusion Applications, and the forthcoming ColdFusion XML Objects. He has created and managed Fusebox applications for organizations ranging from small mom-and-pop e-tail operations to multi-billion-dollar federal programs.

Maxim Porges
Maxim is chief architect for web development at CFI/Westgate Resorts. Max is an expert with Java, ColdFusion, and Oracle, and has designed and developed everything from payment processing systems to online travel sites and interactive kiosk solutions. Max uses OO techniques regularly within his designs. He has also created pure Java applications, including client/server chat software and a form validation framework for web applications. After becoming frustrated with a failing SDLC, Max's team learned of FLiP at the Fusebox Conference in 2002. Since implementing FLiP, they have never looked back. They learned many valuable lessons in project management and system design along the way, and Max is eager to share their experiences. Max is an expert with Synthis' Adalon product, and contributes regularly to the Synthis forums. Max is on the IT Advisory Board for Valencia Community College in Orlando, FL. He is currently working on several side projects, including writing an AOP framework for ColdFusion CFCs, and integrating the Java Spring framework with Fusebox.

John Quarto-vonTivadar
Formerly with NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, John holds a masters in astrophysics, and was a member of the Chicago Board of Trade's mid-am division before becoming chief technology officer of FutureNow, Inc. With clients such as Computer Associates, iProspect, Allegis, Dell, and the Perth Mint, his company maximizes conversion rates of clients via their patent-pending Perusasion Architecture M.A.P. process which incorporates expert persuasion techniques directly into the architecture, email marketing, design and development processes. He's a regular contributor to the popular GrokDotCom newsletter and co-author of the best-selling book "Discovering Fusebox 3".

If you have any questions, contact michael(at)teratech.com