Fusebox Fun 2000
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Streaming ASCII Version of the Fusebox Conference {:-)

Who amongst us honestly is gonna do a 7-hour talking head fest?
You just can't eat enough microwave popcorn to handle that!

Here, scroll this next section at the rate of about 1 line per hour...
Its a streaming ASCII presentation of the First Ever Fusebox Conference

Parental Advisory: Some parts not suitable for parents.

-- Alan McCollough
UPDATE: New improved real-time ASCII stream of Fusebox conf
Using new sub-woofer ASCII filters and subconscious word in-fill 
techniques I have  improved Alan McCollough ASCII steaming of the 
Fusebox conf with more content that was previous LOST due to poor audio feed. 
Now you can  hear for the first time on semi-live ASCII feed Hal Helms's 
"Phillippino" FuseDox talk, Steve Nelson famous five day apps and the 
horrific bar scene at Awful Arthurs!!

Unfortunately even modern ASCII filtering technology could not 
retrieve the totally enlightening Fusebox Panel discussions, which are now 
lost for all time. ;-(

I have also added some javascript so it streams in real time for 
all you folks who complained about the manual streaming.
- Michael Smith

The Characters
>:)   -- TeraTech staff

]:^n  -- Michael Smith

:O    -- Fred Sanders

(8O)- -- Hal Helms

: o   -- Gabe Rothman

;`U   -- Steve Nelson

:^$   -- Nat Papovich 

P^)   -- Doug Nottage

Screen Play
Concept and original static ASCII play Alan McCollough
Screen play Michael Smith

20th Century FuseFox

Steve Nelson (Top secret agent)

The reviews are in on Fusebox talk - 2.5 thumbs up:

Hahah! Now that's truly a classic. I think ya should take all the credit for
it, my man. That was the best streaming video I've seen; no breaks or
nuthin. Truly you have captured the spirit and essence of the First Ever
Fusebox Conference... Definately a keeper!
- Alan McCollough

Hey glad you liked it. I couldn't have done it without your original screen play and concept Alan!
Plus I would like to thanks all the actors, eh speakers, for their amazing performances in
the new ASCII format... The next (ASCII) Marlon Brando is waiting to be discovered I think...

The big advantage of streaming ASCII over RealVideo is the amazingly lower
bandwidth requirements. Our informal in-office tests suggest that there is a compression
factor of 1000-to-1 for streaming ASCII compared to streaming video, and that
doesn't include the popcorn factor...

We are thinking of creating a  RealASCII player just for this
market if we can get the IPO $$$ off the ground...

Also I just want to say..."This is why they invented JavaScript"... :-)

The stream will soon be available at your local BlockBuster on punched tape format
for home viewing.... and we are working on a flip book format for the kids.
- Michael Smith

Heh, yeah, yours is the finest use of JavaScript I've seen in months. I
think you did a great job of catching the look of the various speakers, too.
not bad. You managed to compress people down to 3 or 4 bytes! A bit lossy,
but you gotta make those bandwidth sacrifices, right?

Of course, the panel discussion at the end occupies a total of 0 bytes,

- Alan McCollough

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