CF Conf Central
September 18th - September 19th, 2004
Rockville, MD


TeraTech Class, Mentoring and Programming

We will have a drawing for one of TeraTech's world class one day classes on ColdFusion or Fusebox (you pick).
We will also have a drawing for TeraTech project mentoring and one for architecting/programming services

In addition to helping you at FB Con, TeraTech works year round helping people who are stuck in their projects, want expert mentoring help, or need ColdFusion or Fusebox training. In fact, last year we won the CFDJ Readers Choice Award for “Best ColdFusion Consulting Company Worldwide” for the second year in a row.

Recently we helped an organization that was swamped by telephone questions about a complex paper application form that they used. We wrote a web-based application using ColdFusion MX, SQL Server, and Fusebox that automatically skips over irrelevant questions, validates all answers before saving, and provides online help. The data was automatically transferred to their existing legacy system, the number of telephone questions about the application dropped 90%, and the client received an award for the best IT project within the organization!

On another project the programmers for a large law firm were new to Fusebox and needed to use it to build a new room reservation system. We mentored the programming team and helped them successfully architect the application using the Fusebox Life Cycle process and code it in Fusebox. They were on a tight schedule, but we finished the program in record time. And after the application was deployed there were very few bugs or change requests from users.

Hal Helms Java Class

How'd you like to attend Hal Helms's highly-regarded $2495 "Java for ColdFusion Programmers" class for free? Sound good?
Well, Hal's giving away a seat to his class for one of the Fusebox conference attendees. Be there at his kickoff talk and you might very well be the lucky person. And even if you're not The One, you can still win: all Fusebox conference attendees who attend one of Hal's classes will receive a rebate on the class equal to the registration price for the Fusebox conference.

Adalon Professional Edition

There will be a drawing for one copy of Adalon Pro by attendees.
Special Offer for attendees:
Adalon Professional Edition for $750, normally $2500, which includes access to Adalon 3.0. (Free Evaluation CD's at the conference).
Yes, the offer is for conference attendees only who are at the conference. More than pay for the cost of going if you are already interested in Adalon.
-$750 for Adalon Professional Edition License, including access to Adalon 3.0
-$250 for optional Gold Support/Maintenance Package
- Maintenance portion provides access to all releases for 12 months and 5 support instances
-limit 1 license at this price per conference attendee/organization
-if they win the Adalon Pro License in the raffle, then we would be happy to return money


FuseBuilder is a visual tool that runs in your web browser. Using FuseBuilder to plan, present and develop your Fusebox projects will enable your team to create custom applications up to 30% faster, with a more complete picture than you ever thought possible. Your clients will know exactly what they're getting, and more importantly they'll get exactly what they wanted. Mike Ritchie, the developer of FuseBuilder, is an avid Fuseboxer, and he has provided the Fusebox 2004 Conference with a Single-User Licensed copy of FuseBuilder which attendees of the conference will have a chance to win.


A free copy of CFDJ magazine to every attendee.
A special offer price to subscript too.

If you have any questions, contact michael(at)teratech.com