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Winners of the Contest for the
Best answer to the Question:
"Why should people come to CFUN-03?"

1st place- Jeremy R.
Answer:The CFUN series of conferences are by far the best Cold Fusion conference of the year. Each year, Michael puts together the most advanced and sophisticated set of Cold Fusion topics and speakers to be found--anywhere--for any price. No where else do you get to network with the real CF guru's and peers alike in a fun, friendly, casual atmosphere.
The timing of the meeting couldnt be better, either. The early summer dates for CFUN provide an excellent opposite end of the year opportunity to see what's going on with Cold Fusion and the Macromedia world. Year after year, the meeting provides a first look opportunity with CF server and Fusebox product releases.
Best courses, best learning, best timing, best networking, best price--best meeting. Period.

2nd Place- Kevin L.
Answer:Because it is a GREAT opportunity to learn. It has amazing speakers, and has never disappoinnted me in the past. The new addition of tracks, allowing us to tailor the conference experience to our desires is wonderful. Michael Smith, the MDCFUG and the folks at TeraTech put on a wonderful (educational,fun,interesting) show year after year.

3rd Place-Dave S.
Answer:CFUN-03 will be hot because of what you'll learn and who you'll meet. I believe that there is a real tendency for those of us in the development community to become isolated, both in terms of what we do and how we do it and in terms of who we keep track of. CFUN-03 will provide that rare chance to immerse yourself for a few days in "best practices" and "fresh ideas" while also connecting or reconnecting with friends and mentors in the community. The planned events have value, but so do the informal interactions that always take place. The persistent mix of people and ideas is compelling. Bottom line: without events like CFUN-03 we become stale. With it, we're fresh!

Congratulations to our winners. Below are more answers that tickled CFUN-03 staff members. Remember, these are answers from people like you who are just crazy about CFUN-03! If you have any questions about the conference please email us today!

Why should people come to CFUN-03?

This is by far the most bang for the buck when it comes to technology conferences, and now there are four tracks! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
-Chris R.

This is an easy one. They can learn all sorts of tips and tricks and strategies that will help them be better designers, developers, and managers. I've been to all of the CFUN events since they began, and I have always left with new information and useful tips that have helped me do a better job for my organization.
-Colleen H.

CFUN in general is a great place to learn. Not just from the speakers, but mostly from other attendees. Informal discussions abound in and around the sessions. Business cards are exchanged and the resulting follow-ups can be invaluable. I believe that most developers need help on specific items at random times. This type of networking provides them with the ability to ask the "How do I do this one thing?" type of questions.
-Scott S.

Good topics, Great speakers and according to the title, a lot of fun :-)
-Jeanne G.

Because we have a vested interest in the future of ColdFusion and in maintaining a vibrant ColdFusion community.
-Brian R.

Because it's the best darn conference for ColdFusion programmers ever! And I'm not saying that because I'm a sponsor.
-Judith Dinowitz

I learned numerous techniques last yer that have helped myself and our development team to better deliver quality products to our customers. CFUN is also a great venue to meet some of the names you see in CFDJ and DevNet and talk with them one on one.
-Phillip D

To LEARN...and maybe drink beer!
-Brett C.

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