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Event Sponsored by TeraTech and MDCFUG

Lots of ColdFusion FUN!
June 21st and 22nd, 2003
Gaithersburg, MD

Winners of CFUN-03 Survey Contest

"How do I convince my
boss to send me to CFUN-03?"

You can chose to attend just one track or mix sessions from several. All four tracks will be on simultaneously. We are not requiring presigning up for tracks at this point - you can choose at the conference.

Advanced Topics
New XML Features in CFMX
Deploying CFML with BlueDragon
XML in the Real World
Caching for speed
CFCs in Practice
CF Performance Tuning
Advanced SQL
Creating Abstract Data Types in CF
Email Headers, Rules and Spam Catching
Javascript Tips and Tricks
MX Integration
Leveraging Java with CFMX
Creating PDFs from CF
Integrating CFML and ASP.NET
Dreamweaver MX
CF and .NET
Web Services
Flash Remoting
Flash Comm Server Wizardry
Flash Components for RAD
RIA Panel
Empowered Programming
Considering Application Architecture
Thinking Objects With A Procedural Brain
Moving to Objects with Fusebox MX
What is New in Fusebox 4
Better Accessibilty with Fusebox 4
CF Pest Control
Practicing Safe Stress for Programmers
Project Management Workshop
Using UML to model applications
Don't Touch My Code! (Copyright for Fun and Profit)
CF Bootcamp
Welcome to CF
Database I
Database II
Flash for Cfers
What is new in CFMX
CF Studio tips
CF Admin
"You will be able to customize the conference to fit your needs as a developer and to sharpen your skill set. Whether your goal is to learn about leveraging ColdFusion MX and the MX product suite, approaching application architecture in a different way, expand your skill set, or even to just learn about some of the basic features of ColdFusion MX, then CFUN03 is right for you!."
Derrick Rapley

"While it may be hard to really learn anything specific in two days (most speakers speak faster than one can listen), the most important thing is that you learn "what you need to learn" and gain exposure to stuff that you may not have previously even had a clue that existed. How you follow up on what is presented at the conferences and the references given is where the real payback becomes apparent."
Arden Weiss

"Michael, I wanted to drop you a note and say thanks for the CFUN-02 conference. I have been to many conferences in my 21 years of professional programming, and this by far was the best conference I have ever attended. The information provided by each and every presenter was top notch. I can't wait for CFUN-03 and if pre-registration were available today, I would sign up today! This conference is an incredible value and to me was worth many times the price. Take care and thanks again for all the great speakers!"
Joe Hayes

"CFUN02 was a blast this year with excellent speakers and sponsors. I got plenty of useful information from both that I wouldn't have necessarily researched myself."

"The inclusion of Shlomy Gantz's discussion was especially relevant - thank you for including a non-technical speaker."
Mark Schramm

"It was good to have the CF-doctor answering questions that might not have been answered at the podium."

Charlie Arehart
Jo Belyea-Doerrman
Vince Bonfanti
Ray Camden
Christian Cantrell
Sandra Clark
Robert Diamond
Michael Dinowitz
Steve Drucker
Matteo Foschetti
Shlomy Gantz
Mark Gorkin
Hal Helms
Simon Horwith
Jeff Houser
Chafic Kazoun
Matt Liotta
Tom Muck
Rey Muradaz
Samuel Neff
Jeff Peters
John Quarto-vonTivadar
Derrick Rapley
Neil Ross
Kevin Schmidt
Michael Smith
Geoff Snowman
Jeff Tapper
Kevin Towes
Please send comments/questions to michael@teratech.com