February 3rd, 2001
The Renaissance World Gate Hotel
Orlando, Florida

“Using CF to Feed Flash”

“Using CF to Feed Flash”


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Table of Contents

“Using CF to Feed Flash”

Some recent Projects PNM has completed using CFML and Flash

The Idea

Graphical Overview

CF will Assemble the Data

1: Request Data

2: Making the Request (Flash 5.0 Actions that will publish Flash 4.0 SWF Files)

3: What CFML Will Do

4: Return the Requested Data

Just The TEXT, Please

Generator Product Info

Flash and External Variables

Setting the CF Application

The Application.CFM File

Application.CFM Tags

Requesting the CFML Script

Your Request, Sir!

The Output From your Script (This is NOT What Flash Sees)

What Flash Sees (Yikes!)

What Flash Will Display

Setting up the Text Areas in Flash

Building a Wait Loop WHY BOTHER?

Building a Wait Loop

Get on with it!

“Place your Order” FRAME Script: “QUERY1” Sends a Request to CFML Script

“The Breakpoint” FRAME Script: Beyond Wait1

Notes about the CFML Template and IsComplete

Shameless Plug

Displaying a RecordSet

Displaying a RecordSet

Designing the CFML Output

Output Results (temporary)

Add the URLEncodedFormats and the TRIMs

Remove all White Spaces Between <CFOUTPUT>s

That’s it for the CFML… Now, On to the Flash

Setting up Flash

Assemble the Pieces in Flash

Show the Window

Place the Button on its own Movie Clip

Now, We make Sheep…

The Magic

The Magic – Explained

Other Tips

Using CF to Feed Flash


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