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Keynote Speakers:
Jeremy Allaire: Macromedia, Newton, MA, USA;
Robert Diamond: ColdFusion Developers Journal Montvale, NJ; Keynote Address
Forum Speakers:
Charles Arehart: Systemanage.com, Laurel, USA; Topic: TBA
Brian Campbell: eBiz Professionals Toronto, Canada; Topic: "UML"
Raymond Camden: Macromedia Newton, MA; Topic: TBA to the extreme!
Dave Horan: Fusion Productions Rochester, NY; Topic: TBA
Hal Helms: Team Allaire; Atlanta, Georgia; Topic: "Ensuring Success with web application projects"
JME Maxwell : e-biz professionals Toronto, Canada; Topic: "UML"
Robi Sen: Granularity, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA; Topic: TBA
Michael Smith: Teratech, Rockville Maryland, USA; Topic: TBA
Kevin Towes: Pangaea NewMedia Toronto, Canada; Topic: "Flash and ColdFusion"
Byron Bignell: Electramedia Toronto, Canada; Topic: TBA

TOPIC Ideas: Basic CF Scripting, Database Best Practices, Wireless, Advanced CF Scripting, Content Management, Javascript, DHTML, etc..

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